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Jami and Frank at Mt Batur, Bali, Indonesia

Hey there! We're Jami and Frank.

We are an adventure-loving duo currently living in Seattle. While we both have conventional jobs in the Tech industry, we have bigger dreams of becoming full-time travelers. For now, we like to visit new countries every chance we get. Whether it’s for 3 days or 3 weeks, we love to immerse ourselves in new cultures and explore everything the world has to offer. We have decided to create this blog to document our experiences, share our story, and inspire others to leave the predictable and embrace the adventure.

Jami in Bali, Indonesia


Hi! I'm Jami.

I was born and raised just outside of Seattle. After graduating college with a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, I decided to take a leap of faith and move to Stockholm, Sweden. I became an Au Pair for a lovely family with 4 kids with whom I still keep in contact today. It was in Stockholm that I realized there is an entire world outside of the U.S. just waiting to be explored. I decided to start traveling to different cities and countries on the weekends and during holidays, usually solo. I began to understand the art of navigating a foreign city with nothing but a small backpack and an open mind. I’ve ice fished in Finland, rode a camel through the Sahara Desert in Morocco, and ate so much gelato in Italy I made myself sick. After each trip, I would come home feeling more energized and confident in myself.

Flash forward a few years, I am now back in Seattle living with my wonderful husband, Frank. I am so lucky to have found someone with the same sense of adventure and outlook on life. Outside of travelling, I love playing with Frank’s expensive camera equipment, cuddling with our cats, Finn and Mia, and I am also an aspiring doula.

Frank in Bali, Indonesia


Hello! I'm Frank.

Growing up in California, I never ventured out of my comfy bubble. I got a small taste of what was beyond that comfort by moving out of the Bay Area and going to college in San Diego. My curiosity grew and after graduation I made the move across the country to the east coast to see what I could find. What I learned was that the size of things were more accessible. The states were smaller and I was able to experience little pockets of unique culture. The ocean was even smaller and suddenly the rest of the world was a short flight away. It was early on during my first multi country trip, with only a small backpack full of clothes and a camera, where I found myself sitting on a bench in Capri, an island off the west coast of Italy. I realized that I got myself there, exploring a country I had never been to. It was exciting and there was no stopping.

In recent years I’ve called Seattle home with my wife, Jami. We’ve got an entire world and a lifetime of adventure ahead of us.

Jami and Frank in Banff, Alberta, Canada

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